Sunday, April 17, 2011

Préity Üupala joins the board of Reading, Writing, It’s Exciting! and is on a mission to help educate the children of Los Angeles…

Beauty Queen joins the board of Reading, Writing, It’s Exciting! and is on a mission to help educate the children of Los Angeles…

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February 14, 2011 (Los Angeles, CA) Actor/Beauty Queen /Entrepreneur Préity Üupala recently accepted the honor of becoming a board member for Reading, Writing, It’s Exciting! (, A nonprofit literacy program in Los Angeles for children who need the most help with writing and reading between the ages of 5-7years old. Préity is aware of the importance of programs like these. He acknowledges the children of today as America’s future and wants to do his part in participating in this program. Préity would like to congratulate and praise founder Stephen Kogon for starting this program.

Préity Üupala is a Entrepreneur, Humanitarian and Artist based in Los Angeles, California. Préity is a beauty queen winning titles such as the Miss Earth Australia, Miss India Portugal and Miss Photogenic International and is making her debut in Hollywood. This award winning actress, has even shared the stage with the great Jackie Chan at the recent ASIA
PACIFIC FILM FESTIVAL in China, where she accepted 3 awards and was the big star of the night.

Préity is also a professional Salsa dancer and has been invited to perform at the closing ceremony at the Shanghai Film festival in China this year. With a mixed heritage of Indian and Portuguese background, she has traveled extensively around the work and has lived in Dubai, Paris, India, Sydney and Los Angeles . Her travels over the globe has imbued her with a wide understanding over global cultures and values. She is Multi-lingual and is fluent in 5 different languages.

Préity realises the value and impact of making a lasting impression on children and how important it is to make each child feel special, motivated and encourage them to learn. The goal for Reading, Writing, It’s Exciting! is not only to help the children of Los Angeles, but to expand this program into all major cities and eventually take this mission nationwide. The program hopes to make sure that no children are without the proper education and mentors to help them succeed, learn to read and write before they reach third grade.

The mission of Reading, Writing, It’s Exciting! is to mentor children during their first and second grades. According to the California Department of Education, only 48% of LAUSD students are proficient in Language Arts (reading/writing). Research has shown that students who are not reading and writing at grade level by the 3rd grade fall further and further behind their classmates, and rarely ever catch up. Other research has proven that 50-80% of these children who can’t read or write eventually drop out of high school, are unemployed, commit crimes, or join gangs. Several states actually base their future prison building plans on these numbers. Reading, Writing, It’s Exciting! hopes that by reaching these children now, they won’t become a part of these statistics…

In 2011, she decided to take the initiative to start her own charity, The Üupala Foundation.
The Üupala Foundation is a non-profit and non-political organization.

Mission: The Our vision is to help underprevilleged children around the world equiping them with equal rights and opportunity built on a basis of loving kindness and compassion.

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For more information about Reading, Writing, It’s Exciting! program, please visit:

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