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Feature Article on Preity Uupala

Confessions of a Beauty Queen : Preity Uupala

MARCH 31, 2010

She was one of the finalists of Miss Earth Australia 2009 and created a record for being the first model of Indian or Portuguese heritage to make it to the finals. Meet Preity Uupala who’s is a professional Actor, Model and Presenter based in Los Angeles, California. Originally hailing from the beautiful Bondi Beach, Sydney, Preity is a former NIDA (National Institute of Dramatic Arts) graduate, joining the likes of Mel Gibson and Cate Blanchett. More recently, her Explosive and Magnetic performances has led her to be the recipient of a scholarship at the prestigious New York Film Academy. The former Beauty Queen and professional Model is set to make her debut in Hollywood. She is embarking on an incredible journey and here’s what she has to say..

“Destiny”- may be envisaged as pre-ordered by the Divine. Put more simply, it is a soldier’s Fatalistic image of a “Bullet with your name on it”!

My current existence is nothing short of magical! That is one word I associate with myself and my universe.

Life has certainly given me a fair share of travel and adventure. With a mixed heritage of Indian and Portuguese background, I have traveled extensively around the world and have lived in Dubai, Paris, India and Sydney. My travels over the globe has imbued me with a wide understanding over global cultures and values. I am Multi-lingual and am fluent in 5 different languages. Born and bred in Dubai, my first love for the Arts was at a very young age, with Film and painting. I was fortunate enough to travel all over the world as a child and to live in Paris, where no doubt my love for decadence and indulgence in the finer things in life comes from. Not to mention the unique fashion sense and class style. I was always very artistic and creative as a child, Painting, Writing, playing the piano and dancing.

We moved to Beautiful Sydney, Australia, about 10 years ago. Ambitious and intellectual, I broke the record for being the Youngest person to start University in New South Wales, when I enrolled at only 16 years of age. Being the active student that I was, I was a finalist for the University Gold medal, member of the Golden key Honors society and won “Student of the Year”. I occasionally dabbled in fashion shows and modeling while I was at University. I also started Salsa dancing, an art that years later I perfected by being a professional dancer. I graduated from Degrees in IT and Marketing (Hons) when I was offered a scholarship to study for a PHD at my Alma- mater. A decision at the time was quite tough, but the universe had other plans for me and I opted to quick-start my corporate life. I worked as an Investment banker and as a Business Consultant for International Consulting Firms in Sydney, New Zealand and the UK. A break form the corporate life led to a period of soul searching and Intense Spirituality. Destiny was never too far away and came knocking on my door bringing me back home to the world of Art and Fashion. I started competing in many National and International Beauty Pageants which brought me a lot of success. But my real passion, my childhood love for acting and film was finally revealed to me. The Universe decided to show me the path again and this time, there was no looking back. The minute you decide to be authentic and decide to be the person you were meant to be, life truly becomes magical. My Spiritual awareness is what fortifies me and gives me inner guidance and true power.

Since then I have studied at NIDA, were many great Australian Actors have walked the path and at the Actors centre, when Hugh Jackman was a graduate. I have also had the privilege of studying Method Acting from great Russian Acting coach, Natela Dzulliashvilli. I have appeared in numerous Commercials, Short and Feature films, even including 2 Bollywood films! But my vision has always been to be a Global Actor, and Hollywood beckoned. Ah Destiny, that word again! just when I was wondering how this is all going to happen for me, I was invited to audition for a scholarship to study at the Prestigious New york film academy. I was on a 2 Month soul searching adventure in South east asia, when I heard that I had won it! this just goes to show that if your intention is clear and strong, the Universe will take care of the details. Viola! I am now based in LA.

I am also an experienced Commercial Model who has worked for various fashion shows and brands for both Australian and International designers. I have also competed in and won different National and International pageants. In 2009, I was the Winner of the “Best International Model” National pageant held in the Gold Coast, Australia. More recently, I was the National Finalist for the Miss Earth Australia 2009 Beauty Pageant, the third most Prestigious Pageant in the world. I made history of being the first candidate of Indian or Portuguese origin to ever be a finalist in the competition since it started. I was awarded the “Best Talent” Award on the night for my Sizzling, Sexy Salsa performance. I am also the current National finalist for The Miss India Australia Beauty Pageant 2010.

A lover of the richer things in life, I am a passionate, adventurous free spirit who lives life to the fullest. Other interests include: Yoga, Meditation, Personal development and Spirituality. I am the authentic Global Citizen of the world and continues to travel to far away lands for pleasure as well as spiritual pilgrimages.

I am a rare young woman who is in her own power and takes pride in knowing my authentic self. My desire is that my audiences are glued to my performances and energy created by my very expressive eyes and voice. I am embarking on a incredible journey which is now being penned down in a exciting Memoir, showcasing both my glorious road to Fame and Success alongside a path to Spiritual Liberation.

You can keep in touch with Preity Uupala through her website;

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    You are about to launch a new paradigm in the “innertainment industry” that reveals that beauty is from the inside out and shine on all of humanty. Being in your presence is truly an energetic and full of interactions ( /drhall) at all levels. Your presence in the motion picture and fashion industry will be extremely healing and therapeutic.

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