Sunday, April 17, 2011

Miss India Portugal, Préity Üupala set to conquer Dubai

Meet Préity Üupala
Beauty Queen, philanthropist and Artist.

Préity Üupala is a Entrepreneur, Humanitarian and Actor based in Los Angeles, California and is now set to conquer Dubai. She will be represented as Miss india Portugal at the Miss India Worldwide Pageant in May 2011.

Ms. Üupala has competed in and won different National and International pageants. She is the former Miss Earth Australia 2009 and Miss Photogenic International 2010. She Embodies Class, elegance and grace as she competes for the Coveted Miss California title later this year. The reigning Miss Earth Australia 2009, made history of being the first candidate of Indian or Portuguese origin to ever be a finalist in the competition since it started.

She is launching her Hollywood debut. Préity has had two if her recent films showing at various film festivals in US. She has appeared in a number of feature and short films, commercials and Music Videos.

With a mixed heritage of Indian and Portuguese background, she has traveled extensively around the work and has lived in Dubai, Paris, India and Sydney . Her travels over the globe has imbued her with a wide understanding over global cultures and values. She is Multi-lingual and is fluent in 5 different languages.

Préity was invited to perform at the closing ceremony of the Shanghai film festival in China this year.

Préity recently made headlines all over Asia by becoming an overnight success due to the Asia pacific film festival, as She won three awards, presented by Mr. Jackie Chan himself. Mr.Jackie Chan presented the awards to her at the festival. She has been invited to be a part of the Jury for the Asia Pacific Film festival again this year, and the event is to be held in China.

She is also one of the celebrities to be interviewed for Chinese TV Nation wide broadcast for Carter Larsen Concert, held in Los Angeles. This concert will be showcased to about 500 million people in China. She is attending the Cannes Film Festival in France this year.

Préity is a rare young woman who owns her own power and takes pride in knowing her authentic self. Her desire is that her audiences are glued to her performances and energy created by her very expressive eyes and voice.

As you look at her, you picture a beautiful mixture of sensuality and elegance. She is an Audrey Hepburn meets Selma hayek. There is something mystical about her and if you don’t watch out, she will captivate you with those eyes!

You can find out more about Préity through her website;

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